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UNH and Union of Concerned Scientist Report is Wrong on the Facts

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April  29, 2014                                                                                               Joseph D’Aleo



UNH and Union of Concerned Scientist Report is Wrong on the Facts

 14 Prominent Scientists and Academics Refute

Claims with Historical Data


CONCORD, NH – Today a group of prominent scientists and meteorologists called into question the findings of a recent study by the Union of Concerned Scientists and the University of New Hampshire.

“It is disappointing that New Hampshire’s leading University has chosen to publish a report which is not grounded on actual facts, but on conjecture,” stated Joe D’Aleo. “The authors have based all of their findings on the failed climate models. Scientists like Dr. John Christy and Dr. Judith Curry have written extensively on the failure of the climate models and how the projections fall below accepted levels of scientific significance. UNH and the UCS blindly hold to the model forecasts for their projections, despite the models incredibly poor track record.

Citing data from numerous national and global climate resources, the group identified nine specific claims that actual data refutes. This includes claims about extreme weather, changes in New Hampshire’s temperatures, reduction in our snowfall and changes in our agricultural production. All of these claims are contradicted by the facts.

“We cannot understand how scientists can use these flawed models as the basis for their studies,” continued Mr. D’Aleo. “Just as concerning is how these scientists do not provide policy makers and elected officials a fair and unbiased representation of what is going on with our weather and climate. Our brief report can provide decision makers with a better understanding of our climate through actual data instead of the conjecture provided by UNH and the UCS.”

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The 2014 Grammys in Review

Recently, Hollywood hosted the 56th Annual Grammys. My problem with what I saw was the gross realization that Hollywood is dictating culture and the output of that is state and federal legislation not based on the good of the country but on pop culture’s whim. Frankly, I don’t like having someone shove things down my throat and tell me that if I don’t like it, then I’m a bad person. If I detect the influence at 31, I can only imagine the effect on younger generations.
From what I can see, Hollywood is a cesspool of deviant behavior, failed marriages, and superficial vanity like that of the Kardashians. I really don’t think Americas cultural future should be set and influenced by the likes of Kanye West and Madonna. This is the same Madonna that just recently tweeted out racial slurs and stood on stage promoting the enlightenment of gay marriage and trans-sexuality.
Truthfully, “Gay marriage” is a place holder for any given topic because I think of the destruction “Hollywood” has had in the lives of little girls who have looked at anorexic super models and thought “I’m not pretty unless I look like that” and little boys who grew up indoctrinated into misogyny by “artists” who songs about women as nothing more than “sluts and hoes” or have grown up watching their TV icons preach how fun it is “getting high”. This is the same Hollywood that now says a mom and mom using a turkey baster to get pregnant is the new normal and declares a cultural war for all who oppose it.
The root of my fear and apprehension is not the reality of guys kissing guys; it’s the long term cultural death that we as a society are suffering. We all think the world has gone mad and that “America” isn’t what we remember; yet no-one is willing to put their finger on why. The moral fiber of America is broken apart by failed fathers who abandon their children, 91 million people unemployed, 50+% divorced families, 55 million dead babies, legalized narcotics, a “dead God’, over crowed jails, 17 trillion in debt and now we want to hang our hats as “good people” on how accepting we are of gay marriage and trans-sexuality? I worry that if we don’t take a stand now for normal non-deviant behavior then will our children have anything to inherit? Is this the future we want to give them? Have we moved so far away from center that there isn’t even a right and wrong anymore? It breaks my heart to watch my nation’s soul die in the name of “progression” while we sit captivated by the escapades of Justin Bieber.


Somebody tell Democrat Annie Kuster that Benghazi, Libya is in the Middle East

Independent Journal Review posted a video from a recent town hall meeting in which US Congress Rep. Kuster is asked about the tragedy of the four Americans murdered in Benghazi and her answer is “I am not hear to talk about Benghazi, I am here to talk about the Middle East”. When asked specifically to comment on pending legislation in the US House, H.Res.36 – 113th Congress (2013-2014) she actually denied there is House legislation on this topic. Whoever was hosting the town hall for the Democrat Representative was very eager to come to Kuster’s defense.

The fact that four Americans were murder at the US Consulate in Benghazi Libya (Middle East) is not important to Annie Kuster. The fact that any consulate is considered sovereign territory of the U.S. is of no importance to Annie Kuster. The fact that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was aware of the attack as it unfolded over a seven hour period and the attack was being monitored in real time by the US State Dept. is of no importance to Annie Kuster. The fact that the Obama administration sat by and did nothing while these four Americans were killed is of no importance to Annie Kuster. The fact that two of the murdered Americans were US Military veterans, even though Kuster is on the House Committee on Veteran Affairs is of no interest to Annie Kuster.

What is important to Annie Kuster is getting reelected in November of 2014. To me the real question is, are there enough voters in the NH 2nd Congressional District, and in particular Hudson, that our outraged enough over Annie Kuster to vote her out of office?

-Bryan Donovan

Ted Cruz in Review


Last week I was informed along with 350+ of my co-workers that our monthly insurance premiums would be rising. Still to my amazement, they didn’t just rise, they over doubled!! An increase of 50.2% in premiums alone. In addition, my deductible and coinsurance was raised by an order of magnitude of $5,000 per year. They were kind enough to warn me that I can now anticipate a yearly maximum out of pocket expenditure of $15,437. Let me repeat that, a yearly maximum out of pocket expenditure of $15,437!

Now, I was told by the President that my premium would go down by $2,500, but the reality is they instead went up $7,500.

After dealing with my new found reality, my wife and I were forced to make some hard decisions On How we are going to afford this. As everyone does, We will have to cut further, keep the heat lower, drive less and eliminate all small tokens of “luxury” like cable. Beyond that, I have no more to cut. Ive cut as deep as i can. One more tax increase, one more government cash grab, or God forbid a catastrophic event, and we will be forced to do something drastic. I will have to resort to selling our car, our house, or move out of state.

You ask, “what about the state exchange”, or the promise I could keep my doctor, or that this was going to make my life better? Folks they lied to us. Plain and simple.

Naturally, I reached out to my elected leaders as they are empowered and charged with fighting for us.

I extended a plead for help to Senator Shaheen’s office. I proceeded to tell my story about how we’re hurting financially and my wife cannot find a full time job. How i’m working 50-60 hours a week, and will have to pick p a second job. I pleaded for her to fight for us. We have done it all right and nothing wrong and will still have to work 3 jobs between us both to make ends meet. Where did we go wrong? We both work, pay our bills, own a home, and live within our means. Yet We need relief because government is making our lives impossible to live. During the course of my story, the staffer for Mrs. Shaheen’s office, scoffed at me. Like I was completely ridiculous. He willfully disregarded my outcry as a mere joke. A foolish peasants complaint. I felt like a slave, pleading with his master who responded “shut up and keep working”.

I was so heartbroken. I took my grievance with government to my elected leader, and I am laughed off. If you told while I was being shot at and rocketed by the Taliban on cold mornings in Afghanistan that this was what I was fighting for, that this was what I was asking my family to sacrifice nearly 8 years of our lives for, I’d tell you it couldn’t be. It couldn’t possibly be that in America we would tax the honest hardworking citizens to the point of poverty, or that leaders would laugh at the headache of their constituents. But it is.

That same day Senator Cruz, a true patriot, later stood to fight for me when neither of my Elected leaders would. He stood and rose to shout upon the hilltop that my wife and I are in pain. We’re fearful about the future and our American dream is being spilled on the ground of Government expansion and increased domestic dependency.

He stood to fight for me but the Me in this story is not me but us. We the People. Those of us who long to have a voice but have been so readily ignored. Ted Cruz gave us a voice for nearly 22 hours.

It saddens me that it had to come from Texas, but I rejoice in that at least it came.

So I pause to thank him and Senator Lee and those who stood with him. Thank you for giving us a voice and making DC listen.

I can only hope we Granite Staters can rise and place our own fearless leaders in Washington to let NH Voices be heard. Until that time, at least we have Ted.

Always remember, Live Free or Die!


The Reality of an Entitlement Society

For anyone making a pre-tax wage of $39,750 or $19.11 an hour it is better to be on Welfare than to work..
I was sitting here in my hotel room in San Diego for work and I was trolling the internet and came across a news article from Mississippi and found this information..
The CATO Institute did a “Work vs. Welfare equivalency estimation” for each state in the union. This is an updated version from their 1995 copy.
The results are enough to make you sick… I’ve attached the PDF for your reading pleasure, use, and distribution as seen fit. Work vs. Welfare
These values account for the full package of welfare benefits available including: Temporary Assistance for Needy Families; Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program; Medicaid; Housing Assistance; Utilities Assistance; Women, Infants and Children Program; and The Emergency Food Assistance Program Commodities.
1) NH is the 9th Highest level of welfare benefits only surpassed by Hawaii, Washington D.C. Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Rhode Island, New York, Vermont.
* Note all of these went “Blue” in the 2012 election, and are liberal Utopians of progressive economic policy..
2) NH is the 5th highest level of benefits when compared to medium income levels
Welfare Pre-Tax Value: $39,750
Median Income Level: $35,339
Percentage of Medium Salary: 112.5%
That means your taking a pay cut of $4411.00 just when you show up at work…
*I double checked this with the Bureau of Labor and Statistics May 2013 (their data was from April) Income Levels:, if you look at the Median hourly wage of 17.18 x 2080 hours it comes in close.
3) We did however, have the lowest SNAP value in the nation at $403 dollars a month
This goes on and on… Please look.. I know i’m preaching to a much more seasoned choir, but these are direct tangible results of Liberal Economic Policy as they have created the Entitlement Generation. I met so many hurting people at Old Home Days… We have to get this information out. In 1964, President Johnson declared, “I believe that thirty years from now Americans will look back upon these 1960s as the time of the great American Breakthrough . . . the victory of prosperity over poverty”. 12-15 Trillion dollars later and almost 50 years and some 15% are still on social welfare… But with each Welfare eligible recipient receiving a benefit amount of $37,160, it should be over right?… On a final note, since 1995, in today’s dollars, welfare benefactors are making over 5k more than they were … it is a SAD day when even they have gotten more of a raise than honest, hard working members of the NH public.
Summary: This is not to demagog the needy, but to shine a light on those who hide in the shadows of governments provision. To reveal that what we have now with Gov. Hassan, Sen. Shaheen, Rep. Shea-Portor, and Rep. Kuster has not only failed NH residents but robbed them of the American dream by selling it down the river of Government expansion to what Reagan would of called: “Welfare Queens”.
Plain and simple: It’s not working.


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