Last week I was informed along with 350+ of my co-workers that our monthly insurance premiums would be rising. Still to my amazement, they didn’t just rise, they over doubled!! An increase of 50.2% in premiums alone. In addition, my deductible and coinsurance was raised by an order of magnitude of $5,000 per year. They were kind enough to warn me that I can now anticipate a yearly maximum out of pocket expenditure of $15,437. Let me repeat that, a yearly maximum out of pocket expenditure of $15,437!

Now, I was told by the President that my premium would go down by $2,500, but the reality is they instead went up $7,500.

After dealing with my new found reality, my wife and I were forced to make some hard decisions On How we are going to afford this. As everyone does, We will have to cut further, keep the heat lower, drive less and eliminate all small tokens of “luxury” like cable. Beyond that, I have no more to cut. Ive cut as deep as i can. One more tax increase, one more government cash grab, or God forbid a catastrophic event, and we will be forced to do something drastic. I will have to resort to selling our car, our house, or move out of state.

You ask, “what about the state exchange”, or the promise I could keep my doctor, or that this was going to make my life better? Folks they lied to us. Plain and simple.

Naturally, I reached out to my elected leaders as they are empowered and charged with fighting for us.

I extended a plead for help to Senator Shaheen’s office. I proceeded to tell my story about how we’re hurting financially and my wife cannot find a full time job. How i’m working 50-60 hours a week, and will have to pick p a second job. I pleaded for her to fight for us. We have done it all right and nothing wrong and will still have to work 3 jobs between us both to make ends meet. Where did we go wrong? We both work, pay our bills, own a home, and live within our means. Yet We need relief because government is making our lives impossible to live. During the course of my story, the staffer for Mrs. Shaheen’s office, scoffed at me. Like I was completely ridiculous. He willfully disregarded my outcry as a mere joke. A foolish peasants complaint. I felt like a slave, pleading with his master who responded “shut up and keep working”.

I was so heartbroken. I took my grievance with government to my elected leader, and I am laughed off. If you told while I was being shot at and rocketed by the Taliban on cold mornings in Afghanistan that this was what I was fighting for, that this was what I was asking my family to sacrifice nearly 8 years of our lives for, I’d tell you it couldn’t be. It couldn’t possibly be that in America we would tax the honest hardworking citizens to the point of poverty, or that leaders would laugh at the headache of their constituents. But it is.

That same day Senator Cruz, a true patriot, later stood to fight for me when neither of my Elected leaders would. He stood and rose to shout upon the hilltop that my wife and I are in pain. We’re fearful about the future and our American dream is being spilled on the ground of Government expansion and increased domestic dependency.

He stood to fight for me but the Me in this story is not me but us. We the People. Those of us who long to have a voice but have been so readily ignored. Ted Cruz gave us a voice for nearly 22 hours.

It saddens me that it had to come from Texas, but I rejoice in that at least it came.

So I pause to thank him and Senator Lee and those who stood with him. Thank you for giving us a voice and making DC listen.

I can only hope we Granite Staters can rise and place our own fearless leaders in Washington to let NH Voices be heard. Until that time, at least we have Ted.

Always remember, Live Free or Die!