Why is it that some aspects of American history are taught and well known while other aspects are totally removed from the public arena? Who gets to decide what stories of the American past are fit for public consumption and which ones are not? Are some people using what took place in the past to influence the public’s perception today?

This page is dedicated to American History and in most cases unknown stories. Let us know how you would answer the three questions above by sending us a comment on this page.

Much of the history of Blacks in America is so hidden today it forces people to wonder why? For example why is it that many school textbooks include the fact that the first slave ships sailed up the James River in Virginia in 1619 and thus introducing slavery into America. Yet they never mention the fact that when the first slave ships arrived in the Massachusetts Colony, roughly around the same time, the ships officers were arrested and imprisoned for kidnapping and the slaves were returned to Africa.

Is that because the true, entire story of American history can’t be used to support Progressive indoctrination????

This book is full of thousand of historical facts that Progressives don’t want you to know.








How many people were taught the role that Blacks played in the American Revolution? Did you know that many of the soldiers who fought during the American Revolution were black. One of George Washington’s most influential spy was James Armistead who was critical to the victory at Yorktown in 1781. Look closely at the famous painting of Washington crossing the Delaware. Of the three men in front of Washington, two are black. Prince Whipple in the front and Oliver Cromwell directly in front of Washington.

The fact is that many units in the American Revolution were fully integrated. Blacks and Whites were fighting for independence from Britain as equals, just as the Declaration of Independence states that “All men are created equal”. The US Constitution outlawed slavery on Jan 1 1808.  However, it was the Democrat Party founded by Thomas Jefferson, that passed the Missouri Compromise in 1820 that reversed the end of slavery, originally set in place by the Constitution.